Clortex Pre-Alpha Now Public

  • May 01 / 2014
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CLA Layer
Clortex (HTM in Clojure)

Clortex Pre-Alpha Now Public

This is one of a series of posts on my experiences developing Clortex in Clojure, a new dialect of LISP which runs on the Java Virtual Machine. Clortex is a re-implementation of Numenta’s NuPIC, based on Jeff Hawkins’ theories of computational neuroscience. You can read my in-progress book by clicking on the links to the right.

Until today, I’ve been developing Clortex using a private repo on Github. While far from complete, I feel that Clortex is now at the stage where people can take a look at it, give feedback on the design, and help shape the completion of the first alpha release over the coming weeks.

I’ll be hacking on Clortex this weekend (May 3rd-4th) at the NuPIC Spring Hackathon in San José, please join us on the live feeds and stay in touch using the various Social Media tools.

WARNING: Clortex is not even at the alpha stage yet. I’ll post instructions over the next few days which will allow you to get some visualisations running.

You can find Clortex on Github at

A new kind of computing requires a new kind of software design.
Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) and the Cortical Learning Algorithm (CLA) represent a new kind of computing, in which many, many millions of tiny, simple, unreliable components interact in a massively parallel, emergent choreography to produce what we would recognise as intelligence.
Jeff Hawkins and his company, Numenta, have built a system called NuPIC using the principles of the neocortex. Clortex is a reimagining of CLA, using modern software design ideas to unleash the potential of the theory.
Clortex’ design is all about turning constraints into synergies, using the expressive power and hygiene of Clojure and its immutable data structures, the unique characteristics of the Datomic database system, and the scaleability and portability characteristics of the Java Virtual Machine. Clortex will run on hosts as small as Raspberry Pi, a version will soon run in browsers and phones, yet it will scale layers and hierarchies across huge clusters to deliver real power and test the limits of HTM and CLA in production use.
How can you get involved?
Clortex is just part of a growing effort to realise the potential of Machine Intelligence based on the principles of the brain.
  • Visit the site for videos, white papers, details of the NuPIC mailing list, wikis, etc.
  • Have a look at (and optionally pre-purchase) my book: Real Machine Intelligence with Clortex and NuPIC.
  • Join the Clortex Google Group for discussion and updates.
  • We’ll be launching an Indiegogo campaign during May 2014 to fund completion of Clortex, please let us know if you’re interested in supporting us when we launch.



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