New Paper and Talk: Symphonies from Synapses

  • Dec 17 / 2015
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Dynamic Multilayer Flow
Clortex (HTM in Clojure), Cortical Learning Algorithm

New Paper and Talk: Symphonies from Synapses

Just in time for Christmas, I’ve completed this paper on my theory of the brain as a Universal Dynamical Systems Computer, analogous to the Turing Machine as a Universal Symbolic Computer. The world is made of hierarchical complex systems, so our brains have evolved to use the power of coupled dynamical systems to automatically model and interact with the external and internal world. The paper uses results from Applied Maths to show precisely how this can be achieved, and combines that with a concrete design which gives a role to all 6 layers of a region of neocortex.

I gave a talk on this to the HTM Community Meetup in November:

I’d welcome any comments and feedback.



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