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  • Nov 13 / 2013
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Hire Fergal


I’ve been working in the IT business since 1993, and in that time I’ve built up a fairly eclectic portfolio of experience in many fields. Have a look at the topics below, and if you feel that I can bring something useful to the table, use the contact form to get in touch. I’m currently based in Dublin, Ireland, but I’ll often turn up in the Bay Area, and I also travel around Europe visiting friends and relations, so let me know where you are and we can arrange a meetup.

NuPIC – machine intelligence applied to the real world

My main focus at the moment, NuPIC is an exciting new technology which is based on the Hierarchical Temporal Memory theory, developed by Jeff Hawkins (founder of Palm and Handspring). NuPIC is a general-purpose inference engine which has been designed to use the principles of the brain and apply them to real-world data processing applications. NuPIC was developed by Jeff’s company, Numenta (now also known as Grok), who are currently developing a server monitoring product for Amazon Web Services servers.

NuPIC has been an Open Source project since June 2013, and I’m one of the contributors to the community growing around that project. I was recently invited by Numenta to help run a very successful Hackathon in San Francisco. For details of the project and what we’re up to, visit Numenta.org.

I’m currently building a business around my NuPIC expertise, helping organisations incorporate machine intelligence into their businesses. My clients include CEPT┬áin Vienna, who have built a powerful semantic processing engine (based on Hawkins’ principles) for representing text, and using it to in areas such as document retrieval, personalised education, patent search etc. My work involves exploring the opportunities presented by NuPIC, and helping CEPT incorporate the power of sequence learning and inference into their offering.

My services include education, consultancy, research and development, and implementation of NuPIC-powered systems. I’m writing an introductory book on NuPIC which will be available shortly. For more on NuPIC, see this page.